Hi, I’m Margot

Life’s short, right?


As a teacher, retreat facilitator, and yoga for menopause teacher trainer, I’m inspired by the alchemical possibilities embodied in the rhythms of a woman’s life cycle and the emotional and psychic physicality of being a woman.

The last decade of my yoga life has been devoted to researching, exploring, and teaching how yoga nurtures and supports women through all stages of their feminine life cycle. Empowering women to embrace their menopause transition as an opportunity for insight and personal growth is my Dharma – it lights me up.

Yoga for Menopause Well-Being grew from a deep desire to share knowledge, techniques, and specialised practices with teachers to create inspiring menopause-inclusive classes to build their community.

By empowering yoga teachers with the knowledge and skills to craft menopause-inclusive classes, my vision is to be part of a wave of women collectively rising and reclaiming menopause as a celebration of womanhood in all her colours.

(Yoga Australia RYT-1000, Yoga Alliance ERYT-200, YACEP)


Wonder and renewal awaits in the cauldron of Menopause.


My Story

By my mid-forties, I still wasn’t listening to the warnings. I kept pushing, until a diagnosis of Graves’ disease, an autoimmune illness, forced me to my knees. My life was unbearable, but like so many women I pushed on.

With my nervous system in recovery mode, it was no surprise that menopause took me from my knees to the ground. I struggled. Hot, sticky, unable to sleep, and emotionally volcanic.

Something deep in my inner garden started calling out, and that call got louder and louder. It was an earth-shattering wake-up call.

I was going through a metamorphosis. The constricted bug in the cocoon was awakening. With support, I dug deep into the soil of my being to unearth and understand the new me. Raw and vulnerable, messy and imperfectly perfect, I began walking myself home.

Today, my life looks and feels completely different.

I’ve risen from the ashes.

I own my story: the glory and the mud, the beauty and the pain, it’s all mine.


it wasn’t always this way.

I, too, had been spellbound by the myth of being busy, putting others first, trying to be a superwoman, running my yoga business, coaching, facilitating retreats, and more.

And, my confidence to make decisions and trust myself just vanished. I’d conjured up a life of my dreams, yet I could find no joy in it.

It’s been quite an adventure.

I knew from my professional life that yoga was a powerful and transformational force of liberation from suffering. I’d experienced it in myself and I’d witnessed it happen for women I worked with, but I couldn’t find a yogic text speaking directly to how yoga could support the potent alchemy of menopause in all her colours: peri-menopause, menopause, and post-menopause.

The action of moving into my 50s was powerfully transformational, and I wanted other women to have this awakening too. I immersed myself in training to learn everything I could because I wanted to share this knowledge and specialised practices with teachers how to support, guide and empower their students.

The secrets I discovered took me through a complete identity rebirth. Now, my feminine energy is my North Star guiding me home.

I accept full-heartedly where I am in life and allow the wilderness within to lead the way.

They even helped me as I made the huge decision to close my yoga studio and step wholeheartedly into supporting yoga teachers to create menopause informed yoga classes to support women

Lit-up and liberated

Now, what woman wouldn’t want to feel like that?

My mission is to help teachers create a classes, workshops and retreats that empower women in all the different stages of menopause.

Evolve. Expand. Empower.


Some of my faves


My partner and I live a simple slow life in the forest.


I'm in love with my chickens - don't tell my partner. He'll think I'm bonkers.


I'm obsessed with plants, herbs, and my vegetable garden.


My guilty pleasure is fresh linen bedsheets every Monday - yum!


My favourite drink is anything with sparkles like a kombucha mocktail.


I can´t live without lots of time in nature and flowers.