Yoga for Menopause Well-being



Yoga Teacher Training

September 8th – 13th, 2023


Illuminate & Empower


rewild & transform


Heartspace Retreat

Yass, NSW


Confidently navigate menopause

At menopause, there is a deeper magic at work. You may have heard her, your inner wisdom calling. She’s asking you to set aside your distractions and take the time to come home to yourself.

With knowledge comes the power to take charge of your health and well-being through menopause and beyond.

This residential training is for yoga teachers who yearn for a deeply nourishing immersive experience. Held in a safe and protective space by a senior teacher, who has been teaching and running retreats for over a decade,  you’ll explore information, tools, skills and techniques to support yourself through your transformation and learn how to create uplifting and inspiring classes, workshops, and retreats for women.



Expand your teaching toolkit to empower and nurture yourself and your students through the alchemy of menopause.


Training Outlook

Knowledge and skills to empower.



Expand your knowledge of the physiological, psychological and spiritual transformations at menopause.

  • Learn how the West, Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese Medicine view menopause and harness their knowledge.
  • Discover  a seasonal narrative for menopause and lunar charting the Wise Woman way.
  • Understand the four pillars of well-being and why sleep is so important.
  • Find out what’s going on in the brain, brain fog, and unravel the physiology of hot flushes.
  • Discover how to support women experiencing anxiety, mood swings, anger, sadness, and depression.
  • Learn how menopause affects women’s hearts and lungs, what to look out for, and how yoga can help.
  • Understand changes in the pelvic floor, prolapse, how to cue appropriately, and the role of pleasure and sensuality
  • Understand the changes in muscle strength and bone density (osteopenia/osteoporosis)  and how to address them in class.





  • Experience four different yoga practices that address a group of specific signs.
  • Build your own library of classes by exploring four key focus areas for common menopause signs and mind-body transitions.
  • Learn to seamlessly incorporate relevant menopause knowledge   into your general class and modify for specific menopause symptoms.
  • Craft your own Yoga for Menopause Well-being classes, workshops and retreats.
  • Explore a variety of feminine themes to build your classes, circles and yoga nidras.
  • Experience the power of a Wise Woman’s circle and learn the art of facilitating an inclusive safe space.
  • Learn about menopause nurtition, adaptogens and Ayurveda herbal support.


  • You’ve completed or are in the process of completing yoga training RYT-200.
  • You’re currently teaching or planning to teach.
  • You’ve completed your RYT-200 and are experiencing menopause signs.
  • You’re a body worker or Pilates teacher who has been regularly practicing yoga for two years or more (please contact Margot).

The what, why and how of menopause from a yoga and Ayurveda approach backed by modern science.



Take a peek inside.

The Program

Daily themed practices, theory, activities, teaching practicums, asana labs, and women’s circles around a specific focus group.

All presentations (PowerPoints) are available online along with bonus resources.

Module 1: Hearing the Call

Online pre-learning module

When we reach our 40s and 50s, our bodies and minds begin to transition, and we can experience intense physical and psychological turbulence. Specialised yoga practices can be a tremendous support to help navigate this natural wave of change.

While this transformation is not easy, it is significant because we are undergoing an initiatory process. We are birthing a new self: our Wise Woman.

In this module, you’ll

  • Be introduced to the program.
  • Learn about the yoga philosophy of menopause.
  • Explore HERstory of yoga.
  • Reclaim HIStory of menopause.
  • Receive an overview of Western (HRT) approach, and the Eastern Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspectives on menopause.
  • Explore how to be trauma aware.
  • Meet the Maha Vidyas – the 10 Wisdom Goddesses from the Tantra tradition – who can act as guides through menopause.
Module 2: Going to the Wellspring

Many women reach menopause in a state of exhaustion and physical depletion because our culture doesn’t respect this sacred feminine transition.

In this module, you’ll learn the science behind the hormonal changes and how to support women experiencing anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, and overwhelm.

In module 2, you’ll

  • Enjoy a morning practice: a self-nurturing yoga practice vata for anxiety, overwhelm and fatigue.
  • Experience an evening practice: unwind for sleep sequence + Yoga Nidra
  • Learn what is happening at menopause, explore a seasonal feminine narrative of menopause and lunar charting the Wise Woman way.
  • Explore an Ayurveda and TCM perspective of anxiety, overwhelm, insomnia and fatigue.
  • Discover how stress impacts hormone balance, the vagus nerve and Polyvagal theory and how to thread this into a yoga class.
  • Learn why sleep is important through the stages of menopause.
  • Deconstruct the practice and learn how to create your own yoga  classes to soothe and pacify vata.
  • Refill your cup with the goddess Yoga Nidra.
  • Experience the power of a wise women’s circle and each day practice facilitating a circle.
  • Learn about nutrition, adaptogens, Ayurvedic herbs
Module 3: Dancing With Fire

For many women, menopause is announced with hot flushes, strong emotions, and shifting moods as we begin to navigate the cauldron of change within.

You’ll learn the science behind hot flushes, night sweats, menopause rage, irritability and brain fog (focus area two) and which specialised yoga practices can support you and your students.

In module three, you’ll

  • Discover the Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine’s perspective on heat in the body.
  • Learn about the physiology of hot flushes and strategies to support students physically and emotionally.
  • Experience specific pranayama practices for releasing heat and hot emotions.
  • Experience the benefits of Kriya for your brain and how to use it as a tool for hot flushes.
  • Create yoga sequences to cool and reduce pitta.
  • Enjoy asana labs and teaching practicum.
  • Appreciate the changes in your brain and understand why you are experiencing brain fog, irritability and forgetfulness.
  • Understand the importance of including restorative yoga in your sequence.
  • Learn which complementary therapies and herbal remedies can offer support.
Module 4: Crossing the River

Menopause is a profound transition, and some women may experience periods of low energy and mood, grief and sadness. Navigating this experience with kindness and compassion is essential for a healthy menopause and rising up to embrace our second spring.

In this module, you’ll learn which specialised yoga practices can support focus area three: low energy and mood, lethargy, lack of motivation, grief, sadness and depression. Included are pelvic floor health and the role of pleasure.

In module 4, you’ll

  • Appreciate the changes in our cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
  • Get an overview of how pranayama can help women as they age.
  • Practice a warming, stimulating heart-opening Kapha for courage and resilience.
  • Learn how to navigate and talk with ease about grief, sadness and depression within a yoga class context.
  • Understand the changes in the pelvic floor health at menopause and how to cue appropriately.
  • Rediscover pleasure and sensuality.
  • Learn more about menopause appropriate mantras and mudras.
  • Use journaling and self-reflective practices to go deeper.
  • Practice facilitating safe and inclusive women’s circles.
Module 5 : Claiming Your Crown

Revolution. Step up and collect your crown, queen. As we grow beyond the sphere of focused nurturing of family and career, we gain perspective of the broader connections to both community and the universe. Menopause is a distillation of all that is wonderful about you. It’s time to celebrate the possibility of spring and fully inhabit your version of your Wise Woman.

On day four, you’ll learn the science behind the changes in your muscles and bones and which specialised yoga practices can help relieve achy muscles and joints, support pelvic floor health and build muscle and bone strength.

In this module, you’ll

  • Understand changes in muscles and the best ways to build muscle through menopause.
  • Learn about inflammation and how to support students with achy muscles and joints.
  • Discover what’s happening to your bones and how to build buff bones.
  • Learn how to work with osteopenia and osteoporosis in a class.
  • Understand prolapse, how to support women with prolapse in a yoga class context and cue appropriately.
  • Learn a specialised prolapse sequence to include in your classes.
  • Have fun with looking at how to creatively theme menopause classes, workshops and circles.
  • Honour your journey by creating your own menopause celebration and ceremony.


Ready to get Started?


INVESTMENT // Twin-share starts at $2,897 (Early Bird finishes June 31st)


1300 Yass River Road, Yass River, NSW

Friday, September 8th, 5.00 pm to Wednesday 13th, 2.00 pm, 2023.

What´s Included in YOGA FOR MENOPAUSE WELL-BEING Residential Training:









+ 40 points, Yoga Alliance, YACEP, Yoga Australia registered course  (UPON COMPLETION OF ALL ASSESSMENT TASKS)


Transformational tales

“The training went beyond my expectations. In four days we have touched every aspect related to menopause from symptoms to the ayurvedic approach, from the yoga practice to pranayama. I highly recommend this training not only to yoga teachers but any woman curious about menopause. This training has changed my perception of menopause and my point of view on ageing, especially as a woman. We need to break the wall of indifference and shame, built for centuries, around middle-aged changes in female bodies and minds. It is time to shift perspective and learn how to be happy and strong without our monthly bleeding.

I feel better prepared NOW to deliver a menopause-informed class because the workshop gave me all the science and biological info and data I needed. I am ready to include the new skills, gained during the workshop, in my everyday practice and while I am teaching, i.e. which asana is best in menopause and what is better to avoid, how to approach the matter of menopause in a women’s circle and mostly how to support women during this phase of their life”.

Licia Ficulle

40-hour Yoga for Menopause Well-being Training

Margot’s 40hr teacher training gave me the tools to become the strongest, best version of myself, through yoga, mindset and health techniques and tips. We all need positive role models as our health and hormones change. I recommend sensational Margot, her knowledge, yoga techniques and caring attitude are EXCEPTIONAL.”

Sonia Barratt

40-hour Yoga for Menopause Well-being Training

“The way that Margot presented it and the genuinely inclusive kind atmosphere that she created along with the exceptional information and how it all flowed and also the actual application of the theory content with a beautiful yoga class. It was all really worthwhile and I am so glad I went.

I did have expectations of the training it exceeded them. I was truly taken with the generosity of information on all levels and the quiet, gentle, inclusive, yet authoritative and authentic manner Margot delivered the content. It was obvious that a LOT of work and research as well as lived experience went into this. It is also apparent that it is a heart project and I will say – very much needed”.

Pam Ashton

Yoga for Menopause Well-being Masterclass

“The training deepened my understanding of what menopause is, how it affects the body and mind, how it can impact someone’s yoga practice and how the symptoms can be supported by a well-planned yoga practice. I feel I now have a good understanding of how to introduce, sequence and modify a practice according to the different symptoms being targeted.”

Megan Hume

Yoga for Menopause Well-being Masterclass

I feel more knowledgeable about the most appropriate yoga postures and pranayama techniques to suggest to women who experience particular symptoms during perimenopause and menopause.

I also feel clear on the most helpful, supportive language to use in this setting, how to express the intention for these special focus classes and how to introduce and explain the potential benefits of the support I will be able to offer in a yoga class setting). I also feel better able to support my transition through peri-menopause so that I have more energy and a greater feeling of well-being to support others as a yoga teacher”.

Katie Golden

Yoga for Menopause Well-being Masterclass


Escape the distractions of daily life. Be seen, witnessed and held while you learn in  safe space.



Nestled amongst the rolling hills of the beautiful Yass Valley, Heartspace retreat is a boutique, eco-luxe yoga centre, making it the perfect environment to immerse yourself in an enriching, holistic and comprehensive training experience.


  • 5 nights accommodation
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks)
  • Daily menopause-informed yoga practices
  • Presentations, asana labs, teaching practicums and interactive workshops
  • Interactive sharing circle where you practice the art of holding space
  • 40-hours of in-person training
  • 180 page printed manual
  • Pre-learning module online
  • 6-month access to online portal for additional resources
  • A mindful eating plant-based cooking workshop
  • A fire ceremony (weather permitting)

Accommodation Option 1


Heartspace Homestead


In the Heartspace Homestead, there are eco-luxe rooms with 2 x King sized single beds. Slip into silky soft bamboo sheets for a deep and rejuvenating sleep to the gentle night song of river frogs and pamper your skin with organic natural toiletries by Wild Nature from Byron Bay.

A non-refundable deposit of $750 secures your place. A link with remaining amount will be sent once your deposit has landed.

EARLY BIRD: $2,897 (finishes June 31st)

FULL PRICE: $3,197 (full payment by August 8th)

Upstairs & Downstairs

  • 3 x twin share
  • 1 x shared bathroom
  • 1 x shared toilet

Accommodation Option 2


Butterfly Cabin


There are two eco-luxe rooms in the Butterfly cabin each with 2 x King sized single beds. Slip into silky soft bamboo sheets for a deep and rejuvenating sleep to the gentle night song of river frogs and pamper your skin with organic natural toiletries by Wild Nature from Byron Bay.

A non-refundable deposit of $750 secures your place. A link with remaining amount will be sent once your deposit has landed.

EARLY BIRD: $3,047  (finishes June 31st)

FULL PRICE: $3,347 (full payment by August 8th)

  • 2 x twin share
  • 2 x shared bathrooms
  • 2 x shared toilets





 Angie Cowen is a renowned gluten free, wholefood, organic chef and author will be providing delicious plant-based meals across the training. She has spent many years catering the best yoga retreats across Australia and draws from this rich experience when creating her stunning recipes. All meals are gluten free organic and can catering for any special dietary requirements. 

As part of the training, Angie will be offering her signature mindfulness-based cooking workshop.

Once you have experienced one of her meals at a yoga retreat, you’ll know that every mouthful of her organic and bio-dynamic dishes are a sensory explosion of joy, taste and nourishment. Her new cookbook “Making Peace Before you Eat” will be available on the training.


Our Learning Space


We will be cocooned in an 108 square metre purpose built yoga studio with raw hardwood floors and a giant window, which looks out to the eastern sky and the beautiful rolling hills surrounding the retreat centre.

It’s a stunning location to catch the sunrise at the end of morning practice or bask in the light of the moon as she rises over the valley.

The space comes with mats, blankets, bolsters and blocks to support your practice and learning experience.  You are welcome to bring your own props. I want you to feel at home and be comfortable.



Payment and Cancellation


A deposit of $750 secures your place. There is an option to pay upfront. Early bird prices finish June 31st.


No one books a retreat with the intention of cancelling it, but unexpected events do occur. The deposit is non-refundable. To receive the early bird discount, the remaining payment must be made by June 31st and is non-refundable.

Full payment must be made by August 8th and is non-refundable. Please note that this training has limited numbers to allow for an individually tailored and spacious experience. This cancellation policy is in place to ensure the highest quality of service and experience for all.

If the retreat is cancelled by the organiser, Margot Porter, your deposit or full payment will be refunded minus a small booking/admin fee.

You are responsible for all your travel arrangements. I encourage you to purchase travel/cancellation insurance to cover any unfortunate eventualities.



I´m Margot, a Senior Yoga Teacher, Mentor and Teacher Trainer

I created Yoga for Menopause Well-being to share specially adapted yoga sequences, breathing techniques, and meditation practices that alleviated my symptoms and made my menopause experience empowering and transformative.

After years of researching, reading and training with great yoga teachers, I want to share the knowledge and understanding of the ways women change physiologically and psychologically during  the menopause transition.

With more women than ever before blossoming into their second spring, I know from conversations that women are looking for holistic support to optimise their wise woman years.

Is Yoga for Menopause Well-being Teacher Training for Me?

Absolutely yes, if:

  • you are seeking in-depth knowledge and skills to help women navigate menopause with yoga.

  • you are wanting expert education to support yourself as a teacher and women through menopause.

  • you aspire to learn the skills to be a more impactful yoga teacher in all your yoga offerings.

  • you wish to offer Yoga for Menopause Well-being classes or workshops as an additional revenue stream for your business.

  • you want to prepare yourself for the path ahead and know what you can do now.

  • you are looking to unearth a teaching path that honours the feminine at all stages of the life cycle.

  • you wish to listen to the wisdom of your body, befriend your inner landscape and use menopause as a portal for healing and growth.

  • you are seeking teacher training that prioritises personal practice, reflection, and self-exploration.

  • you welcome all questions to guide your journey.

  • you are willing to step outside your comfort zone and explore new territory.

  • you embrace the (minimal) additional reading, and practice.

  • you will complete the assessment tasks that are part of this training. Time will be included in face-to-face training for assessment tasks.

    Maybe not right now, if:

    • you are not interested in supporting women aged 40 – 60 who may be suffering from menopause symptoms in your classes.

    • you feel uncomfortable talking about women’s issues in a way that are inclusive.

    • you are not comfortable sharing in a circle or don’t wish to be self-reflective through responding to journal prompts.

    • you feel women should not make such a fuss over menopause and just get on with it.

    • you are not particularly open to engaging in self-reflection.

    • you do not feel that you need to receive feedback on your teaching.

    • your personal yoga practice does not have a place in your schedule, and value in your life.

    • you don’t appreciate questions as teaching tools.

    • you do not really value the art of teaching as a craft to master.

    The training deepened my understanding

    “The training deepened my understanding of what menopause is, how it affects the body and mind, how it can impact someone’s yoga practice and how the symptoms can be supported by a well-planned yoga practice.

    I feel I now have a good understanding of how to introduce, sequence and modify a practice according to the different symptoms being targeted.”

    Megan Hume

    Yoga for Menopause Well-being Masterclass

    Every woman should do this!

    I absolutely love this course and module 2 is resonating with me so much. THANK YOU for making me feel less like a freaking maniac and more like a woman going through a significant transition. The amount and quality of the content are amazing.

    I went back on what I said about not printing and decided to print so I could behold your wisdom and words in my hands.

    Thank you, Margot. I am filled with gratitude that I meet you along my journey of transitioning into a wise and wonderful older woman. 🙏💎💪

    Annie Wilson

    Embrace Menopause

    Gather in the forest and trek, dance, cook, chant, sing, scream, shake, dive and stomp!

    Embrace Menopause – it’s true that you provide so much more discovery than menopause alone.It is about transition and connecting with spirit, emotion, body and each other. There is lots of information but I love it and continue to indulge.

    I’ve decided to work through the modules and then will return to go deeper into each one.It is a wonderful journey that you have been able to create online – quite astounding actually, it’s has magical powers as if we were able to gather in the forest and trek, dance, cook, chant, sing, scream, shake, dive and stomp for a few months.

    Kim  McAlister

    Embrace Menopause

    I wouldn’t want women to miss out and think it’s just about menopause.


    I have to say I came to the course with no preconceived ideas of what it would entail but I am learning so much on so many levels.

    It really is a comprehensive program that would be beneficial for all women to follow/join to learn more about themselves in a holistic way and would be a valuable life tool.

    I wouldn’t want women to miss out and think it’s just about menopause and that they have to be in their late 40-50s before they consider the course. I know menopause is the main focus but it is so much more and I wouldn’t want you to sell yourself short. Gratitude about myself is still proving a toughy but have managed to dump the ironing which is a great positive😊

    Take care, Love x

    Sally Burgoine

    Embrace Menopause


    I feel reborn!

    You are so authentic that anything goes. When I first met you you were so open with the struggles and challenges that you have faced in your life. You seem to embrace the whole of life, even the ugly and sad and unacceptable parts. And that makes it okay for me to look at those parts of myself with love.I love your vast depth of knowledge. The fact that you practice what you preach. Your kindness and your open heart.

    I was living a dualistic life, one full of shoulds and shouldn’t. I was living a life that I felt I should be trying hard to be something that I wasn’t. A good housewife, a good wife, a good mother, a good Australian…whilst on the inside, this wild vibrant creative part of me was suppressed and wilting with lack of light. I feel stronger in myself, in body and mind. I feel I have been able to release many unhelpful behaviours and pain patterns in my body. I now understand that obstacles are actually opportunities to grow. I feel reborn.

    Thank you, Margot, for being such a positive strong light in my life, and I feel lucky to have you as my teacher and my friend.

    Susan Cade

    1:1 Coaching


    Genuinely inclusive kind atmosphere…

    “The way that Margot presented it and the genuinely inclusive kind atmosphere that she created along with the exceptional information and how it all flowed and also the actual application of the theory content with a eautiful yoga class.”

    It was all really worthwhile and I am so glad I went.

    Pam Ashton

    Yoga for Menopause Well-being Masterclass


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need to have completed a RYT-200 yoga training when I enroll?

    Ideally, you will have completed your RYT-200, however, if you may enroll if you are in the process of completing a RYT-200 training. there are also two spot available for women who have been practicing yoga regularly for two years to join the group. Yoga for Menopause Well-being involves a fair amount of specialised knowledge and skill based learning, and  the common denominator is you have completed basic yoga teacher training. All real learning starts with embracing your ‘tabula rasa – beginner’s mind’, and I call on your discernment as you progress through the content, practices and teachings.

    What if I'm not teaching at the moment?

    The training is open to any teacher who has completed at a minimum of RYT-200 yoga teacher training, whether you are currently teaching or not.

    What if I'm a man, or a pre or post-menopausal teacher, can I still do the training?

    Absolutely.  This training is for all teachers who a want to support women in their classes aged between 40 – 60. With this training, you learn how to make an uncomfortable conversation a learning opportunity and have the confidence to offer support within the yoga class context. You will learn to seamlessly incorporate relevant menopause knowledge, modifications and contraindications into your general class and the skills to deliver a Yoga for Menopause Well-being class and how to extend a class to create an inspiring menopause workshop.

    How long do I have access to the online materials?

    You have access to the online materials for three months. This is a potent space for growth in the program when coupled with personal practice. Watching the presentations and filling in your discovery journal and class templates is a great way to really absorb the teachings.


    How much time will the assessment tasks take?

    Time is allocated within the structure of the face-to-face training for you to get started on your assessment tasks and seek clarity on the tasks. If not completed over the four days of the course, you will need to set aside around 4-hours (maximum) to complete the assessment tasks.