Hi, I’m Margot Porter

We become teachers to share the life-changing benefits yoga has gifted us, right?

I’m passionate about sharing the knowledge and specialised yoga practices for menopausal women that I’ve been exploring and teaching for over a decade.

With knowledge comes the power to take charge of your health and wellbeing through menopause and beyond.

Are you ready to support yourself and confidently guide your students through this significant transformation?

Training Outlook


Expand Your Knowledge


  • Learn how the West, Ayurveda, and Traditional Chinese Medicine view menopause and harness their knowledge.
  • Discover  a seasonal narrative for menopause and lunar charting the Wise Woman’s way.
  • Design classes using  a guide for Four Focus Areas that support women experiencing common signs of menopause, e.g. Focus Area Two – hot flushes, night sweats, mood swings, irritability, anger and menopause rage.
  • Unravel the physiology of hot flushes and brain fog and how to address this in a class context.
  • Learn how menopause affects women’s hearts and lungs, what to look out for, and how yoga can help.
  • Understand the changes in muscle strength, and bone density (osteopenia/osteoporosis) and how to address them in class.
  • Understand the changes in women’s pelvic health including prolapse, and how to cue appropriately.


Develop the confidence to empower and support yourself and your students through the alchemy of menopause



Evolve Your Teaching


  • Learn to seamlessly incorporate relevant menopause knowledge with specific pranayama, asana, and relaxation practices, and modifications into your general class.
  • Build your own library of classes by exploring Four Focus Areas for common menopause signs and mind-body transitions.
  • Craft your own menopause workshops using a specialised Yoga for Menopause Wellbeing class template.
  • Explore a variety of feminine themes to build your classes, circles and yoga nidras.
  • Meet the 10 Wisdom Goddesses who can guide us through the fire
  • Experience the power of a Wise Woman’s circle and learn the art of facilitating an inclusive safe space.


  •  You must have completed RYT-200 yoga training minimum.
  • You are currently teaching or planning to teach.
  • You identify as a woman, are in any stage of a woman’s lifecycle (pre-menopause, peri, menopause or post) and wish to share specialised menopause wisdom with your yoga community.
  • You are a male teacher and want to support 40+ women in your classes.

The what, why and how of menopause from a yoga and Ayurvedic approach backed by modern science.



Empower Yourself


Learning Support


  • A small group learning environment
  • Individual support
  • A comprehensive printed and digital manual
  • Transcripts for Yoga Nidras and meditations
  • Access to presentations and resources in an online portal
  • Post training Q & A Zoom teacher’s circles

    Upon Completion

    • A certificate of completion for 40CPD points, Yoga Alliance, YACEP, Yoga Australia registered course

    “At her first bleeding, a woman meets her power.

    During her bleeding years, she practices it.

    At menopause, she becomes it.”


    Traditional Native American saying

     Take a peek inside.

    The Program

    Each day: Themed practice, theory, activities, teaching practicums, asana labs, participating and practice facilitating women’s circles around Four Focus Areas including journalling, pair work and self-reflective practices to go deeper.

    All presentations PowerPoints are available online along with a digital copy of the handbook.

    Module 1: Hearing the Call

    When we reach our 40s and 50s, our bodies and minds begin to transition, and we can experience intense physical and psychological turbulence. And specialised yoga practices can be a tremendous support to help navigate this natural wave of change.

    While this transformation is not easy, it is significant because we are undergoing an initiatory process. We are birthing a new self: our Wise Woman.

    Before we gather watch the webinars or read chapters 1-3 in the handbook.

    In this module, you’ll

    • Learn about the different stages of menopause
    • Connect yoga philosophy to menopause (Patanjali, Koshas, Chakras, Vayus).
    • Receive an overview of Western (HRT), Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspectives of menopause.
    • Explore HERstory of yoga and reclaim HIStory of menopause.
    • Meet the Maha Vidyas – the 10 Wisdom Goddesses from the Tantra tradition – who can act as guides through menopause.
    Module 2: Going to the Wellspring

    Many women reach menopause in a state of exhaustion and physical depletion because our culture doesn’t respect this sacred feminine transition.

    On day one, you’ll learn the science behind the hormonal changes and how to support women experiencing anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, and overwhelm.

    In this module, you’ll

    • Learn what is happening at menopause.
    • Explore a seasonal feminine narrative of menopause and lunar charting the Wise Woman way.
    • Discover how stress impacts hormone balance, the vagus nerve and Polyvagal theory and how to thread this into a yoga class.
    • Experience a self-nurturing yoga practice for anxiety, overwhelm and fatigue.
    • Deconstruct the practice and learn how to create your own yoga  classes to soothe and pacify vata.
    Module 3: Dancing With Fire

    For many women, menopause is announced with hot flushes, strong emotions, and shifting moods as we begin to navigate the cauldron of change within.

    On day two, you’ll learn the science behind hot flushes, night sweats, menopause rage, irritability and brain fog (focus area two) and which specialised yoga practices can support you and your students.

    In this module, you’ll

    • Learn about the physiology of hot flushes and strategies to support students physically and emotionally.
    • Discover which specific yoga and pranayama practices can help release heat and hot emotions.
    • Appreciate the changes in your brain and understand why you are experiencing brain fog, irritability and forgetfulness.
    • Experience the benefits of Kriya for your brain and how to use it as a tool for hot flushes.
    • Create yoga sequences to cool and reduce pitta and nourish the liver and gall bladder meridians.
    • Understand the importance of including restorative yoga in your sequences.
    Module 4: Crossing the River

    Menopause is a profound transition, and some women may experience periods of low energy and mood, grief and sadness. Navigating this experience with kindness and compassion is essential for a healthy menopause and rising up to embrace our second spring.

    On day four, you’ll learn which specialised yoga practices can support Focus Area Three: low energy and mood, lethargy, lack of motivation, grief, sadness and depression. We look at how to cue for pelvic floor health at menopause.

    In this module, you’ll learn to

    • Practice and learn how to create a warming, stimulating heart-opening Kapha for courage and resilience.
    • Appreciate the changes in your cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
    • Get an overview of how pranayama can help women as they age.
    • Learn how to navigate and talk with ease about grief, sadness and depression within a yoga class context.
    • Understand pelvic floor health at menopause and how to support women with prolapse.
    • Enjoy a specialised prolapse sequence in the online portal
    Module 5 : Claiming Your Crown

    Revolution. Step up and collect your crown, queen. As we grow beyond the sphere of focused nurturing of family and career, we gain perspective of the broader connections to both community and the universe. Menopause is a distillation of all that is wonderful about you. It’s time to celebrate the possibility of spring and fully inhabit your version of your Wise Woman.

    On day four, you’ll learn the science behind the changes in your muscles and bones and which specialised yoga practices can help build muscle and bone strength, relieve achy muscles and joints, and support pelvic floor health.

    In this module, you’ll

    • Understand changes in muscles and the best ways to build muscle through menopause and beyond.
    • Learn about inflammation at menopause and why muscles and joints may ache or feel sore.
    • Discover what’s happening to your bones.
    • Learn how to work with students with osteopenia and osteoporosis in a class setting.
    • Understand how to teach bone safe transitions and namaskars for students with osteoporosis
    • Have fun with looking at how to creatively theme menopause classes, workshops and circles.
    • Honour your journey by creating your own menopause celebration and ceremony.

    Included in the handbook are

    • Sample practices for the Four Focus Areas
    • Menopause appropriate mantras and mudras.
    • Nutrition for menopause and and supplements.
    • Ayurvedic herbs and adaptogenic support.

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      Celebration. Connection. Community.

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      MELBOURNE, 2024

      INVESTMENT //  EARLY BIRD $1,297 (finishes August 23rd), FULL PRICE $1,497

      Saturday, Sept 21st to Tuesday 24th, 8.30-5.30 pm, 2024.

      Prana House, Thornbury, VIC

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      Payment Plans

      Payment plans are available.

      Secure your place with a deposit (non-refundable) of $497.

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      BRISBANE, 2024

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      Saturday, March 23rd to Tuesday 26th, 8.30-5.30 pm, 2024.

      Mukti Yoga Centre, Coorparoo, QLD

      What´s Included in the Training









      Payment Plans

      Payment plans are available.

      Secure your place with a deposit (non-refundable) of $497.

      Contact Margot Porter


      This training is amazing for anyone interested in the secret women’s business of menopause. This is a sacred time that need to be seen and recognised for the transformation that it offers. It’s time to drop off the secret and normalise this time in our lives. This training is rich in both scientific research and the colourful wisdom of the ancient teachings of Yoga, Ayurveda and TCM. As a total bonus to me, we also explored ceremony and women’s circles which can support rich internal growth and acceptance through the menopause years. I have so much more knowledge now that I am excited about sharing with friends and any women who are ready to experience menopause as their transformation of coming into their own wisdom and energy, owning their own wisdom and energy and experiencing life through their own true nature.

      Madhu Puri, yoga teacher 10+ years, March 2023

      I find it incredibly easy to recommend this course to any yoga teacher seeking the knowledge and guidance required to support women through menopause. If anything it exceeded my expectations. It was so well thought out and easily the best course I’ve done in years.

      It is detailed, thorough and covers everything I’ve ever wanted to know as well as things I’d never thought about before doing the course. I appreciated your wisdom, quirky sense of humour and the way you made everything fun and light. I am now very confident to take this knowledge and use it with my students.

      Bhavani, yoga teacher 20+ years, March 2023

      Margot’s 40hr teacher training gave me the tools to become the strongest, best version of myself, through yoga, mindset and health techniques and tips. We all need positive role models as our health and hormones change. I recommend sensational Margot, her knowledge, yoga techniques and caring attitude are EXCEPTIONAL.


      Sonia Barratt, March 2023

      Margot you SEE everyone. Your depth of experience and humility are beautiful. The themed days made all the info accessible. YES, I’d recommend this course to every woman. I’d be surprised if you attended this training and didn’t have one “a-ha” moment, or in fact, many. No matter where you are in the life journey, pre, peri, post, or smack in the middle of menopause, there’s something here for you (and to share with your loved ones!

       Suzy Goss, March 2023

      The training deepened my understanding

      “The training deepened my understanding of what menopause is, how it affects the body and mind, how it can impact someone’s yoga practice and how the symptoms can be supported by a well-planned yoga practice.

      I feel I now have a good understanding of how to introduce, sequence and modify a practice according to the different symptoms being targeted.”

      Megan Hume, Menopause Masterclass


      Do it. This training is not only to improve your yoga skills and career but mostly for you, as a yoga teacher. We are blessed for having the amazing tool of yoga that can touch so many people but to be a good teacher we need to study and gain wisdom.

      This training taught me many rudiments and concepts around menopause from different points of view (yoga, Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine…) and I am using those understandings to go deeper within myself. This training is to support ourselves in order to be able to support others. Margot is a goddess, so wise and delicate but also strong and kind. She creates a safe space to be ourselves, to cry and to smile together.


      Licia Ficulle, March 2023

      Is Yoga for Menopause Wellbeing Teacher Training for Me?

      Absolutely yes, if:

      • You’re a qualified yoga teacher (minimum 200 hours), you’ve completed training and chosen not to teach, or you’re completing your training.
      • You’re seeking in-depth knowledge and skills to help women navigate menopause with yoga.
      • You want expert education to support yourself as a teacher and women through menopause.
      • You aspire to learn the skills to be a more impactful yoga teacher in all your classes.
      • You wish to offer Yoga for Menopause Wellbeing classes or workshops as an additional revenue stream for your business.
      • You want to prepare for the path ahead and know what you can do now.
      • You’re seeking teacher training that prioritises personal practice, reflection, and self-exploration.
      • You welcome all questions to guide your journey and are willing to step outside your comfort zone and explore new territory.


      Maybe not right now, if:

      • You are not interested in supporting women aged 40 – 60 who may be suffering from menopause symptoms in your classes.

      • You feel uncomfortable talking about women’s issues in a way that are inclusive.

      • You are uncomfortable sharing in a circle or don’t wish to be self-reflective through responding to journal prompts.

      • You feel women should not make such a fuss over menopause and just get on with it.

      • You are not particularly open to engaging in self-reflection.

      • You do not feel that you need to receive feedback on your teaching.

      • Your personal yoga practice does not have a place in your schedule, and value in your life.

      • You don’t appreciate questions as teaching tools.

      • You do not really value the art of teaching as a craft to master.


      Frequently Asked Questions

      Do I need to have completed a RYT-200 yoga training when I enroll?

      Yes, you will have completed your RYT-200 because Yoga for Menopause Wellbeing  is advanced training,  We approach developing classes form a therapeutic or energy shifting perspective to address symptoms of menopause transformation and educate women about the changes in their bodies and minds, therefore I assume you know how to instruct poses and pranayama practices. It involves a fair amount of specialised knowledge and skill based learning, and  the common denominator is you have completed basic yoga teacher training. All real learning starts with embracing your ‘tabula rasa – beginner’s mind’, and I call on your discernment as you progress through the content, practices and teachings.

      What if I'm not teaching at the moment?

      The training is open to any teacher who has completed at a minimum of RYT-200 yoga teacher training, whether you are currently teaching or not.

      What if I'm a man, or a pre or post-menopausal teacher, can I still do the training?

      Absolutely.  This training is for all teachers who a want to support women in their classes aged between 40-60. With this training, you learn how to make an uncomfortable conversation a learning opportunity and have the confidence to offer support within the yoga class context. You will learn to seamlessly incorporate relevant menopause knowledge, modifications and contraindications into your general class and the skills to deliver a Yoga for Menopause Well-being class and how to extend a class to create an inspiring menopause workshop.

      How long do I have access to the online materials?

      You have access to the online materials for three months. This is a potent space for growth in the program when coupled with personal practice. Watching the presentations and creating classes using the class templates is a great way to really absorb the teachings.


      How much time will the assessment tasks take?

      Time is allocated within the structure of the face-to-face training for you to get started on your assessment tasks and seek clarity on the tasks. If not completed over the four days of the course, you will need to set aside around 4-hours (maximum) to complete the assessment tasks.

      Refund & Cancellation Policy

      It’s your responsibility to understand this policy. By coming to this training, you are confirming you take full responsibility for your travel and accommodation and you are releasing Margot Porter Yoga from any liability that may arise from your negligence, carelessness or from your participation in the training.

      No one books a training with the intention of cancelling it, however life happens and unexpected events can happen. Please note that this training has limited numbers because this allows for a personable, tailored and comprehensive immersion style training experience. Our non-refundable cancellation policy is in place to ensure the highest quality training and support can be delivered to all participants. Exceptions cannot be made for any reasons including injury, illness, or personal emergencies. Payments are non-refundable.

      No refunds for arriving late or leaving early. 100% attendance is required for you to receive your 40-hour CPD points. Any inquiries about our policy please contact Margot at hello@margotporter.com.au