Yoga for Menopause Well-being

Celebration. Community. Connection.

Yoga for Menopause Well-being empowers yoga teachers to stand out from the crowd and helps change women’s lives by providing them with the knowledge, skills, techniques, and confidence to create a niche market for women going through menopause.


Hello, amazing yoga teacher,

Yoga for Menopause Well-being is for teachers who want to learn more about this significant transformation in a woman’s life cycle from a yogic perspective.

Yoga for Menopause Well-being helps you better serve your existing students, attract and retain new students, and increase your income by up-levelling your teaching with specialist knowledge, skills, and techniques.

Yoga for Menopause Well-being creates space for you to study and explore for your own personal benefit, and be part of the new wave of agency around menopause as a celebration.

A Must Do For All Yoga Teachers.

 Do you teach teach women aged between 40-65?

This program will give you the knowledge, skills and practices to support, guide and empower your students.


40 Hour Training

The Yoga for Menopause Well-being foundation course provides you with the knowledge and confidence to offer specific yoga practices and techniques to support women through the different stages of menopause.

You will be able  to offer specialist Yoga for Menopause Well-being classes and workshops, and feel comfortable weaving information about this natural transition seamlessly into your general classes.



Teacher Workshops

 Yoga for Menopause Well-being workshops educate and empower  teachers with knowledge and a suite of skills, techniques and tools to help women experience the transformation of menopause as a positive event: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

The yoga space acts as a safe and supported container for a menopause aware trained teacher to open up the conversation and re-frame this natural life event as one of self-insight, personal growth, and celebration. 



Each season in a woman’s life cycle offers a potent portal for personal transformation.

This retreat is for women seeking to flow with the deepening wisdom of midlife.

Join our bespoke women’s retreat and unearth your Wild Woman; be the woman you yearn to be. Re-emerge as the most potent distillation of you.


March 16th – 20th, 2022, in East Gippsland.


What is Yoga for Menopause Well-being?

In essence, Yoga for Menopause Well-being is a unique blend of specially adapted yoga sequences, breathing techniques, meditation, and yoga nidra practices that help women manage the main signs of menopause.


I´m Margot, a Senior Yoga Teacher, Mentor and Teacher Trainer

I created Yoga for Menopause Well-being to share specially adapted yoga sequences, breathing techniques, and meditation practices that made my menopause experience empowering and positive.

After years of researching, reading and training with great yoga teachers, I want to share the knowledge and understanding of the ways women can be affected during  perimenopause, the menopause climax, and post-menopause.

With so many women blossoming into their second spring, I know from conversations many women are looking for holistic support to optimise their wise woman years.

Book A discovery Call

Jump on call and let’s discover if the program is right for you.


Transformational tales

Wow, I never knew other women felt the same way as me.

It’s worth coming to Margot’s program just to hear other women speak and share their feelings and stories.

I had been feeling all alone and other women really didn’t want to talk about menopause. Now, I feel reassured I am not on my own and I feel so much better.

I’ve now gotten back in touch with my feminine side and I’m less hard on myself. I feel amazing.

Trudy C

Menopause Magic (formely Embrace Menopause)

It’s true you provide so much more discovery than just menopause.

It is about transition and conencting with spirit, emotion, body and each other.

It is a wonderful journey you have been able to create outline – quite astounding actually.

It has magical powers as if we were able to gather in the forest and trek, dance, cook, chant, sing, scream, shake, dive and stomp for a few months.

Kim M

Menopause Magic (formely Embrace Menopause)

Thank you, Margot, for a profoundly beautiful day. It was an honour and a privledge to sit with a wonderful group of women and be part of something so beautiful; to hear the voices and stories of others and to be part of a such an important shared experience. I love the Goddess Circle.

Thank you for your wisdom, courage, leadership and your voice; for taking the plunge and initiating something so vital for women.

From one ‘wild woman’ to another, my deepest gratitude.


Kali Ma: Goddess Circle

Heartfelt. Margot’s teachings feel like they come straight from her heart to her students. 

Margot tailors her sessions to not only the yoga poses, but with our current season or lunar phase in mind.

She explains how these influences show up in our lives and affect our minds and bodies. This is beneficial to me because it helps me understand the benefits of each pose and the effects it has on my body and wellbeing.

I always get the most out of my classes with Margot and feel like I must get special attention.


But at the end of class I see others go up to Margot to praise and thank her. I’m never lacking and leave each class with an “oh, I needed that.”


Long time student

Love me as I am and be happy with me

About 7 years ago you came into my life when I joined your classes. You are an exceptional perosn who’s love for yoga shines through your teaching. You find such plesaure in the small things and you glow with a love of life and nature.

Your breathing techniques and teachings have helped me many times, especailly when I want to calm or wind down.

I fell in love with your yin classses, your weekend restoratives your philsophical classes and learnt how to teach myself to relieve tension and stress when they appear in my life.

But my biggest leson I gained from you was to love me as I am, to be happy with me.

You make everyone feel treasured. We are blessed to have you.


I benefited enormously at a time of great grief in my life…

In the warm and caring imclusive environment of Margot creates in her studio, I have gained the ability to turn inwards and tune into both my mind and body.

Margot’s confidence and wealth of knoweldge in her yoga prctices has allowed me to feel safe when exploring meditation, stretching and how deepening into poses can help me open up blockages and alllow my energy to be renewed.

My health and well-being has benefited enormously at a time of great grief in my life, and I have gained confidence to use some of the poses and meditation in the safety of my own home during times of restrictions.


Pauline C


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