Hello, amazing yoga teacher,

Are you feeling inspired to support yourself and women through their Wise Woman transformation?

Enrich your teaching practice with knowledge, techniques, and skills with this specialist training experience and learn how to offer caring and empowering menopause-inclusive classes for your yoga community.

By cultivating a deeper understanding of how deeply alchemical menopause is at every level of a woman’s being, you’ll feel empowered to nourish yourself and guide women to embrace their journey.  

Come into the inner circle and be part of the new wave of agency around menopause as an opportunity for personal growth and insight and a celebration of you.

 Do you teach teach women aged between 40-65?


Expand your teacher’s tool kit with the knowledge, practices, and confidence to support and empower your students.


40-hour Teacher Training

Become a teacher with the knowledge, skills, techniques and confidence to offer specialised menopause yoga offerings.

This non-residential training explores a teaching structure that groups the signs of menopause into four key focus areas and learn how to address these areas creatively within the context of a yoga class.

Experience the power of a Wise Woman’s circle and learn the art of facilitating an inclusive and safe for women to share and connect


Women's Yoga Masterclass

 Empower yourself with knowledge, tips and techniques to navigate menopause your way.

Masterclasses are for women seeking to understand the changes in their bodies and how to support themselves holistically through their menopause transformation. We’ll learn about the biological, psychological and spiritual changes and how to stay healthy, strong and vital through menopause and beyond. Open to all women experiencing menopause, younger women and those in post-menopause.


What is Yoga for Menopause Well-being?

In essence, Yoga for Menopause Well-being is a unique blend of specially adapted yoga sequences, breathing techniques, meditation, and yoga nidra practices that help women manage the main signs of menopause.


I´m Margot, a Senior Yoga Teacher, Mentor and Teacher Trainer

I created Yoga for Menopause Well-being to share specially adapted yoga sequences, breathing techniques, and meditation practices that alleviated my symptoms and made my menopause experience empowering and transformative.

After years of researching, reading and training with great yoga teachers, I want to share the knowledge and understanding of the ways women change physiologically and psychologically during  the menopause transition.

With more women than ever before blossoming into their second spring, I know from conversations that women are looking for holistic support to optimise their wise woman years.


Transformational tales

Do it. This training is not only to improve your yoga skills and career but mostly for you, as a yoga teacher. We are blessed for having the amazing tool of yoga that can touch so many people but to be a good teacher we need to study and gain wisdom.

This training taught me many rudiments and concepts around menopause from different points of view (yoga, Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine…) and I am using those understandings to go deeper within myself. This training is to support ourselves in order to be able to support others. Margot is a goddess, so wise and delicate but also strong and kind. She creates a safe space to be ourselves, to cry and to smile together.


Licia Ficulle, March 2023

I find it incredibly easy to recommend this course to any yoga teacher seeking the knowledge and guidance required to support women through menopause. If anything, it exceeded my expectations. It was so well thought out and easily the best course I’ve done in years.

It is detailed, thorough and covers everything I’ve ever wanted to know as well as things I’d never thought about before doing the course. I appreciated your wisdom, quirky sense of humour and the way you made everything fun and light. I am now very confident to take this knowledge and use it with my students.


Bhavani, yoga teacher 20+ years, March 2023

I recommend this training to any woman wanting to build knowledge and skills in yoga teaching to empower the menopause journey. It went beyond my expectations. I feel so much more empowered about my own menopause and my identity as an older yoga teacher. The training also linked science and research to the practices. I love that. The course materials are rich, well informed and full of deep wisdom from yoga, TCM and science. The training was playful, well structured, highly organised and full of heart. I celebrate your professionalism with so much grace and honesty.”


Anthea Naylor, March 2023

Margot you SEE everyone. Your depth of experience and humility are beautiful. The themed days made all the info accessible. YES, I’d recommend this course to every woman. I’d be surprised if you attended this training and didn’t have one “a-ha” moment, or in fact, many. No matter where you are in the life journey, pre, peri, post, or smack in the middle of menopause, there’s something here for you (and to share with your loved ones!


 Suzy Goss, March 2023


Margot’s 40hr teacher training gave me the tools to become the strongest, best version of myself, through yoga, mindset and health techniques and tips. We all need positive role models as our health and hormones change. I recommend sensational Margot, her knowledge, yoga techniques and caring attitude are EXCEPTIONAL.


Sonia Barratt, March 2023

This training is amazing for anyone interested in the secret women’s business of menopause. This is a sacred time that need to be seen and recognised for the transformation that it offers.  This training is rich in both scientific research and the colourful wisdom of the ancient teachings of Yoga, Ayurveda and TCM. As a total bonus to me, we also explored ceremony and women’s circles which can support rich internal growth and acceptance through the menopause years. I am excited about sharing with friends and any women who are ready to experience menopause as their transformation of coming into their own wisdom and energy, owning their own wisdom and energy and experiencing life through their own true nature.


Madhu Puri, yoga teacher 10+ years, March, 2023

Margot has a unique ability to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone feels equal and heard. Her varied presentation styles kept the training engaging, and there was an extraordinary amount of well-delivered precious content. Margot’s expertise in guiding us through the intricacies of menopause and yoga was truly enlightening. I gained valuable insights into my health and well-being. Margot’s Menopause Yoga Training Course has been a life-changing experience for me. I have found a deeper understanding of menopause and yoga as well as the desire to share this knowledge with other women. Thank you, Margot, for an unforgettable and transformative experience!


Leah Micallef, October 2023

The course was simply amazing – a great balance of practical practice for each stage of the menopause journey, comprehensive theoretical presentations, asana labs, self-reflection and of course lots of opportunities to share and learn from other participants in a welcoming and non-threatening space. All of this was backed up with a comprehensive manual providing so much more information than I could have hoped for. I would definitely recommend this training to anyone looking to explore the topic in greater detail, or simply for your own wellbeing. Margot is really well researched, a great teacher, and a loving and kind wise woman!


Jane Crosswell, yoga teacher 10+ years October 2023


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