Every woman should do this!

I absolutely love this course and module 2 is resonating with me so much. THANK YOU for making me feel less like a freaking maniac and more like a woman going through a significant transition. The amount and quality of the content is amazing.
I went back on what I said about not printing and decided to print so I could behold your wisdom and words in my hands.
Thank you Margot. I am filled with gratitude that I meet you along my journey of transitioning into a wise and wonderful older woman. 🙏💎💪


Embrace Menopause Group Coaching Program 

Gather in the forest and trek, dance, cook, chant, sing, scream, shake, dive and stomp!

Embrace Menopause – it’s true that you provide so much more discovery than menopause alone.
It is about transition and connecting with spirit, emotion, body and each other. There is lots of information but I love it and continue to indulge.
I’ve decided to work through the modules and then will return to go deeper into each one.
It is a wonderful journey that you have been able to create online – quite astounding actually, it’s has magical powers as if we were able to gather in the forest and trek, dance, cook, chant, sing, scream, shake, dive and stomp for a few months.


Group Coaching Program

I wouldn’t want women to miss out and think it’s just about the menopause.


I have to say I came to the course with no preconceived ideas of what it would entail but I am learning so much on so many levels.

It really is a comprehensive program that would be beneficial for all women to follow/join to learn more about themselves in a holistic way and would be a valuable life tool.

I wouldn’t want women to miss out and think it’s just about the menopause and that they have to be in their late 40-50’s before they consider the course. I know the menopause is the main focus but it is so much more and I wouldn’t want you to sell yourself short.


Gratitude about myself is still proving a toughy but have managed to dump the ironing which is a great positive😊

Take care, Love x



Group Coaching Program


I feel reborn!

You are so authentic that anything goes. When I first met you you were so open with the struggles and challenges that you have faced in your life. You seem to embrace the whole of life, even the ugly and sad and unacceptable parts. And that makes it okay for me to look at those parts of myself with love.I love your vast depth of knowledge. The fact that you practice what you preach. Your kindness and your open heart.

I was living a dualistic life, one full of shoulds and shouldn’t. I was living a life that I felt I should be trying hard to be something that I wasn’t. A good housewife, a good wife, a good mother, a good Australian…whilst on the inside, this wild vibrant creative part of me was suppressed and wilting with lack of light. I feel stronger in myself, in body and mind. I feel I have been able to release many unhelpful behaviours and pain patterns in my body. I now understand that obstacles are actually opportunities to grow. I feel reborn.

Thank you, Margot, for being such a positive strong light in my life, and I feel lucky to have you as my teacher and my friend.


1:1 Coaching



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