Own Your Power

In my last article, I talked about moving from a place of love not fear as a way to return to a place of wholeness. Many people come to yoga believing they are broken, lacking wholeness and not connected. Many people come to yoga seeking a solution to a problem whether it be physical, mental or emotion. What I have come to understand over the years is when we look outside of ourselves we can without knowing it give our power away. If I go to this healer or that massage therapist or yoga class or psychologist then perhaps this concern of mine will be fixed. Firstly, I am not saying don’t go to see people about your concerns but don’t give yourself over to them. Take what they say and have a good think about it before you apply it to your body, your mind and your life.

Ask: Does this feel right for me?

Take ownership of your personal power, learn how to harness and how to manage your emotional states yourself by adopting and modifying approaches to suit your individual and unique personality. One of the most common ways to give away your power is through fear. Whenever you fear something happening or not happening you are giving energy and power to the outcome you do not desire. It is extremely challenging to be the master over your fear, as humans have been taught to tune in to fear as a mechanism for survival.

Fear emerges from the ego self who is concerned with being in control and when the ego does not feel in control anxiety and fear become our way of living. It is connected deeply to our base chakra or muladhara chakra and this chakra is all about stability, ground, earth, survival at a material level and a sense of belonging.

Ask yourself: Where do I feel fear? health, family, relationships, finances

The answer when we dig deep is in our past. That’s right rooted deep in our past. Yoga and meditation can help you safely explore your fear. Imagine if you will that fear is like the dust and dirt we try so hard to clean from our living spaces. It lurks behind curtains, in corners, behind bookshelves. Fear is very similar in that it hides behind other emotions and reactions and experiences. So the next time you react with anger or act from a place of jealousy or sense of injustice whether it is a what you say or do or perhaps it is what you think try to step back during or after the event and delve deeper.

The more fear your can transform, the less likely you are to give your power away. The more power you own, the more your energy will grow. Easier said than done but if you can learn detachment – remain peaceful, calm and equanimous no matter what is going on the more likely you are to be able to tap into your intuition and move, speak and act from a place of personal power not fear. Detachment is about trusting your intuition.

Own your energy and own your power.

1. Get to Know Yourself

Take time out of your busy schedule to reconnect with who you are and  dedicate time to be with yourself. Allow yourself space to open up to the wisdom within. ‘Me Time’ rituals are essential way to connect and show devotion to yourself and your spirit. Self love is an inside job!


2. Trust Your Intuition

Learn to trust that feeling in your gut. For I have found the gut always tells the truth! Tap into your intuition and begin to trust what messages or feelings or sensations you are receiving about people, situations, and listen to hear what steps to take. Intuition is a gift we all have – fear steals it away from us. Learn to embrace your intuition. Listen, trust, and take action with confidence.

3. Nourish Your Body

Not rocket science we have all been told this a million times – eat whole foods, loads of greens and fresh vegetables and fruit plus lots of clean water. And of course exercise to keep your body moving, energised and balanced.

4. Make Your Soul Dance

Go on you know you want to – what makes your soul squeak and squeal with JOY!  Is it singing? Dancing? Gardening? Writing? Painting? Create moments in your week for these little treats to soothe, replenish and  nourish you soul. And most importantly, if possible seek careers and businesses that allow you to weave in your talents, passions, and profits together.

5. Challenge Your Comfort Zone

Transform your life by DOING SOMETHING DIFFERENT! Face your fears. Have courage! My word for the year is courage – take heart and live a big- hearted life by jumping in. To begin you can simply take the little steps necessary to reach a goal – big or small. Breakthroughs whether big or small will help you take leaps forward and steadily move you away from the excuses or reasons that have held you back from your greatness.

Own Your Power. NOW

Photo Credit: Thanh Tran at Unsplash