Connecting to Your Inner Child

Tuning into your inner wisdom through channeling little you, your inner child and how she used to just dance, sing, laugh at the silliest things – well okay I still do – I find awe in the beauty of an insect, a random shadow or the way light filters through leaves. Often I look up at a starry night, we live in the bush with no artificial light, and ponder on  a star in the dark night sky. Taking time to gaze, to dream, to wonder is  profound and potent practice for coming full circle to the essence of you, to the woman you are now with all that you have learned, all that you have experienced, and to respect the flower and thorn strewn road that you have traveled to be here in all your glory.

Do you remember playing as a child?

The glee and joyous sense of carefree exploration and abandonment to the moment that total immersion, timelessness and complete lack of self- consciousness is certainly a significant aspect of a happy well spent childhood. I spent hours climbing trees imagining I lived in the clouds, afternoons spent tumbling in cartwheels, walking around on my hands and just seeing what was possible. I vividly remember summer holidays away on the ocean in New Zealand – my father loved the sea – swimming, exploring, creating, daydreaming, collecting shells, drawing just flowing with being me.


Where does it go?

When does it slip away? At what point do we lose that natural desire and urge to simply play, move dance and laugh with spontaneity. The weight of adult responsibility and the reality of adult life settle in, and ‘kapow’, play, dance, dress ups, the pure enjoyment of simple things becomes childish, frivolous and just gets lost in the bustle and tumble of our work and social life timetable.

Reconnecting with your inner child your wisdom is rewarding and so worthwhile. Turn on your favourite music close your eyes start to sway and relax into the rhythm of the music feel the pulse of earth beneath you and tap into your inner child – how would she move? Like grass in the wind, like a flower opening to the sun, like seaweed swaying with the tides. Perhaps she is a wild gypsy child swirling like a spinning top, a crazy circus girl with pigtails or a tomboy stomping in the dust. She is the essence of you, your true light waiting to come out to play again in all her wisdom completely comfortable in her skin.

Relish the change of seasons, gaze at the stars twinkling in the night sky, follow the moon and her path, make an altar to her beauty and yours. Rekindle your inner child, find the amazing woman you have become.

Dance. Move. Laugh

Text Photo by Gabby Orcutt on Unsplash